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Wanna be in tech? It’s time to Xccelerate your growth

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Wani Azahar
Xccelerate team and students

With machine learning cited as one of the most in-demand skills in 2020, it comes as no surprise that there’s a lot of opportunities when it comes to the tech industry. Speaking to Xccelerate, we get a download on what goes on inside one of the best technology training institutes in Hong Kong.

Q: Before we dive in, could you share with us a little more about Xccelerate?
A: Currently based in Hong Kong, Xccelerate is made of educators, thinkers, and collaborators. With a vision to bridge the tech talent gap in Hong Kong, we empower students and companies to acquire the skills they need in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Software Engineering, and User Experience Design (UX).

We have a suite of courses including Full-Time Immersive Bootcamps, Part-Time Upskilling Courses, and Enterprise Training; as well as a product supplement —, which is a live streaming edtech platform built to make streaming and online learning extremely social and engaging.

Q: With many training providers across the region, what makes Xccelerate different?
A: We say this in the most positive way but we are hellbent on making lifelong learning accessible to the masses. It really is in our DNA, driven to make learning a highly pleasant and engaging experience. Backed by a culture of speed and creativity, we are dedicated and each team member’s voice will be heard. They will have the opportunity to fast-track their career development with fulfilling and meaningful projects.

Q: Talk about culture, what is the mantra of Xccelerate?
A: We believe in being FASTER — which stands for Flawless empowerment, Audacious execution, Transformative outcomes, Everyday kaizen, Respectful collaboration.

Q: Sounds like a good mantra! What is the best part about working at Xccelerate?

A strong sense of purpose and an ability to ride the wave of growth without feeling like a cog in a machine. Everyone is engaged, trusted, and respected to pursue their career goals provided they align with our business objectives — people generally like to be hereQ: And that’s definitely reflective of the leadership, isn’t it?
A: Yes! Leadership works very closely alongside the entire team and there is a mutual trust to make sure we have everyone’s best interests in mind. It’s not just about building a valuable business. We believe that if it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing.

Xccelerate class

Q: We’re sure a lot of people are excited to join Xccelerate after reading this. What roles are you focusing on hiring this year?
A: We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Executive (1+ year experience in digital marketing, but more about the ability to critically think and execute)), A/V Content manager (2+ years experience creating audio/video content), , Graphic Designer (3–5 years experience) and professional instructors in different aspects.

Q: Interesting career choices! Are there any certain criteria looking for?
A: Other than being aligned with our culture, we welcome candidates with great communication skills and determination trump sheer experience. They need to appreciate lifelong learning, with a clear vision of where they want to be in 5–10 years. We have a great track record for recognizing raw talent and turning junior players into high-performing stars.

Q: Ending the conversation on a forward-looking note, how do you think Xccelerate plans to change the game for technology training?
A: Today we see people mindlessly scrolling on their phone — Instagram, youtube, Facebook, Reddit, candy crush, or some other content. We see the attention and energy consumed with low-value content. We see people that are willing to pay for experiences that help them escape the grind of reality. Xccelerate plans to make lifelong learning as addictive, engaging, entertaining, and accessible as all of these. At the end of the day, education shouldn’t be a grind.

To know more about Xccelerate and the opportunities they’re holding, check out their website to get a head start in your tech career development.

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