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How to Make the Most of Membership Clubs

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Vera Chan

With the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been forced to work from home. After several rounds of city-wide lockdowns, many of us have carved out a space for a home office. We may have even perfected our setup and gotten used to our ways. We might prefer to work from home now, but here are a few reasons why it is good to keep getting out and about. When restrictions are released, how can you make the most out of your membership clubs? And yes! These can include co-working spaces.

The Benefits of Networking

One of the biggest benefits of a membership club or coworking space is the community of people. There is a chance to connect with other individuals and learn from them. This can inspire progress and open up opportunities. Connecting with people can create important connections that can drive their business forward. Being in contact with successful business owners can motivate and encourage.

Network with like-minded individuals and forge new relationships. You can nurture and foster new contacts to build new potential opportunities. Or you can collaborate with local or international businesses. A co-working space or membership club brings a constant, ever-changing work environment. There is a social aspect that means you meet new people in new settings every day. The benefits of this mean that you are required to stay innovative. By being kept on the top of your toes, you are forced to stay creative during times of unpredictability. This state of uncertainty is similar to that of growing companies and start-ups. This keeps you agile while fuelling innovation and entrepreneurship. You can experience greater success in both your professional and personal zones.

How to Network?

Maybe you are an introvert or you are new to a membership club or co-working space. How do you exercise your networking know-how? We have compiled a few tips below to help you conquer your fear and break out of your comfort zone.

Be Open

Everyone gets nervous meeting new people to varying degrees. Especially if you do not have a wingman with you, but practice makes it easier. Make yourself approachable. Be friendly and try and smile instead of holding a poker face. This will make it easier for people to come up to you and say hi. After the initial greeting, you can make a kind gesture to shake hands (in non-Covid-19 times). Make a warm introduction and you can start to build out an amicable relationship.


Give and receive. It takes two to tango and thus to thrive. Be sure to give back by sharing knowledge in return.


Make the rounds. Do not say rooted to one seat. Granted you may well have a dedicated work desk, but make sure to get up and do a walk. There are many working or lounge areas you can relax in a catch up with someone over a coffee in. Make use of all of these different spaces. The settings will make it more informal and casual to get a conversation going more easily.

Be Present

Go to events or make use of any online forums that support the community. You can connect with others this way and start a dialogue. Say a quick hi and hand out your business card or connect with each other on LinkedIn. You can also meet new people at these events, people that are not yet members perhaps if it is an open day. This is an even greater opportunity to meet new faces.

New Members

Keep an eye out for new members. To new joiners, you can introduce yourself to. Get to know them and see if there is an opportunity to collaborate or fuel your business through them. Getting to know one person opens up the door to knowing so many others. Expand your network.

The Takeaway

Keep your eyes peeled. You never know when there will be an opportunity that can arise. If you are an introvert, do not worry. You can learn to build extroverted tendencies without changing your core.

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