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7 Love-Tech Startups to Watch in 2022

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Mikaela Thompson

Dating apps new to 2022

Many singles probably dread the prospect of Valentine’s Day each year, imagining the pathetic misery of a V-Day curled up on the sofa watching rom-coms all alone while their mates and siblings get the love fuzzies with secret gift swapping, romantic dinners, and special bonding sessions. It’s a sickening thought, especially if you’ve wasted way too much time and energy swiping on fickle soul-destroying dating apps, such as, Tinder! Well, don’t despair, all is not lost. Here’s some recently launched dating app companies taking new approaches that could change your love status in 2022.

1) So Syncd

This company was founded in 2021 in London. Why? As a response to the limitations of current dating apps. Online dating denotes a massive social and cultural transformation. According to some in the know, over half of relationships begin with an app or dating site. And yet dating tech still has real limitations. So Syncd, founded by sisters Jessica and Louella Alderson, has a unique approach that looks to science as a love match predictor more so than other apps. Dispensing with the face-value, swipe-right-swipe-left routine, So Synced’s app matches people according to their Myers-Briggs Personality Type, which is ascertained from a five-minute test. Then, using an advanced algorithm (aka secret ingredient), the platform hooks up people who might share some common traits. The company says it already has more than 100K users and has successfully matched more than a thousand couples.

2) DuoMe

This is a new, recently launched dating app created by Harvard Business School grads who after 20-odd years of dating, were dissatisfied with existing dating sites on the market. This one also matches people based of their MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). CEO Raan Khan says, "Knowing how your personality type fits with your match will lead to exciting experiences, strong communication and lasting relationships." DuoMe's algorithms were created by professionals with more than 20 years of experience with MBTI questionnaires. Consequently, the site replaces mind-numbing, nerve-grating searching and swiping with helpful insights that produce enduring, meaningful matches. Users can create and view detailed profiles and receive extensive information on compatibility dynamics for each match. Even better, the app is free to download and use on Apple App Store or Google Play. Fit for 2022, DuoMe is LBGQT + inclusive. DuoMe is currently only available in New York since one of the app's functions is to suggest perfect places for dates for different personality types. However, keep your eyes peeled because they intend to expand to additional cities in the future.

Love-tech app start-ups helping with relationship issues

There’s a massive market out there for subtly and efficiently helping people with their sexual fitness. This could be the next mental health issue du jour. For instance, the sub-genre of intercourse therapy app creation has recently taken off along with ones serving other relationship issues. Here’s a few of these new launches:

3) Paired

An independent study found 85% of Paired couples reported improved communications when using the app day-to-day.  Paired customers, Jacob and Jose, found the app has been specifically beneficial as a long-distance duo. “We’re searching for ways to remain psychologically close” and Paired has helped with this.

4) Matched

Matched, an app in-built London, enables couples to ‘link’ up and obtain daily prompts made for connection. Customers pay a fee to open features.

5) Blueheart

This relationship app helps by tackling the very intimate and difficult subject of intercourse dysfunction which affects most people at some time in their lives.

6) Honeydue

This is an economic health app for lovers. Sounds like a great way to stop couples quarrelling over money.

7) Muzmatch

This dating app for Muslims has introduced this year pre and post relationship content as a counselling service. Other online dating services are set to follow this lead as they are seeing therapy programmes as a high growth industry.


Whatever your love or relationship tech needs are, they’re sure to be well covered in 2022. In fact, if you’re in the market for setting up a start-up, then love-tech is a burgeoning industry, puts dating 2 matrimony at number 7 while places online dating at number 10 on their lists of their best start-up app ideas. So, welcome to the world of love-tech in all its iterations through the upcoming year and beyond!

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