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Secret Ingredient Behind Deliveroo’s Strong Company Culture

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Wani Azahar

Eagerness and trust — two of the key success factors behind this leading food delivery service.

Deliveroo — the bright, teal-coloured kangaroo is easy to catch on the streets across the region, delivering your favourite dishes right to your doorstep. Founded in 2013, the London-based company is known for offering quick, transparent, reliable delivery services, and is a leader in the fast-growing world of food deliveries.

For a quick download, Deliveroo Hong Kong comprises of 110 employees working diverse roles with a united mission to be the definitive food company of the world, bringing the best local restaurants directly to homes and offices. The reliability, convenience, and wide-range of choices makes it one of the top food-delivery companies in Asia.

Giving In Times of Crisis

Deliveroo’s recent efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic have proved to be key achievements for the company. The food-to-order service has provided free meals to the NHS workers in the UK as a way to express their appreciation towards the nation’s hard-working frontline staff. In Hong Kong, the company has partnered with a social enterprise The Nest Bakery to bring cakes and biscuits to hospital staff in different hospitals. Moreover, the company has also launched a ‘contactless’ delivery service globally, to counter the spread of the coronavirus while keeping their customers satisfied.

Technology-Driven Deliveries

Deliveroo’s key strengths as a business are their values, which are at the core of everything they do. These unique 11 values are a guide for working together and making decisions for the teams, people, and products. Their culture forms the DNA of the company.

“We’re customer obsessed; which means we care about each side of our marketplace — customers, restaurants, riders”, says Sarah Keeling, Recruitment Lead — APAC.

Deliveroo is committed to transform the way customers eat and aim to deliver great food as fast as possible. The company is driven by technology to help further streamline the delivery process.

Recruitment Lead — APAC shared: “We want to be the definite food company; the app you go to every time you have a hunger pang”.

Deliveroo is always thinking about different ways of doing things and doing them better than others.

Sparking Ideas Through Trust

The key ingredient for Deliveroo’s success is owning creativity and adopting an underdog mentality supported by a sense of eagerness and curiosity. Here, you’ll be surrounded by a friendly, supportive, and rigorous work culture and are exposed to the decision-making process with the management and like-minded individuals. Furthermore, ‘trust’ is the ultimate foundation of Deliveroo. Employees are trusted with accountability and are given opportunities to share ideas and collaborate. Individual freedom is a key success factor at Deliveroo, providing a safe space for creativity and innovation.

The company promotes this positive culture with a strong focus on health and well-being of employees. The Hong Kong workforce is exposed to fitness classes, meditation, and assistance programs. Additionally, a free lunch is deliveroo’d to the office every Friday to foster a friendly and open environment. At Deliveroo, food culture is visibly baked into everything they do. A fully stocked pantry, a great view, and meeting rooms named after Hong Kong’s famous dishes is a sign of healthy work culture.

Shifting focus away from just office employees, Deliveroo riders are the lifeblood of the business. They are responsible for delivering the best food to customers while helping local eateries grow.

Securing a Job

When it comes to recruitment, Deliveroo values people who are passionate about the brand and industry. They are looking to build a dream on shared passion and a desire to transform the food delivery industry. Securing a job here is a great investment.

Currently, Deliveroo is looking to hire Account Managers and Customer Care to provide customers and restaurants with the best relationships during these uncertain times.

Something to Look Forward to

Deliveroo’s passion to bring food and people together extends to the brand’s delivery-only kitchen, known as Deliveroo Editions — a concept that connects consumers with the best food in town wherever and whenever they want. Consumers are able to try out cuisines they don’t have access to locally. This helps restaurants expand to new areas and provides a greater choice for consumers. These editions are designed to support innovation and it is something to look forward to in the coming months.

Deliveroo — the company that lives and breathes food is constantly changing the way people eat, work, and operate. By embracing change and thinking big, they have maintained their disruptive edge and have done the impossible.

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