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Internship Diaries: The Happyer One!

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Justine Schlossmacher

Joining Happyer led to a lot of firsts for me: it was the first time I held an official internship position, the first time I had my works published, and the first time I truly experienced working with a company and not for one. Although I worked remotely, I still felt close to my colleagues and the distance did not bother us at all. It might sound difficult to juggle working in addition to university courses and commitments, but as long as you stay diligent and self-directed, this isn’t much of an obstacle at all. Furthermore, Happyer was always very understanding when I had to pull back due to examinations and I never felt overworked or stressed because of it! As a student intern, this is definitely one of the best things about the internship and definitely made me feel a lot calmer and confident about taking it on.s

A tip I would like to share with new interns coming on board is to not be afraid to speak your mind and discuss areas you feel could be done better! Whether it be something small like font choice or colour, or something larger like the direction of the project, just be polite and no one will hesitate to start up a discussion. As a startup, a lot of times your work will be headed directly to a client, a publication or have an impact upon the daily running of the company, so you should be a hundred percent confident in what you put out!

I definitely think that my skills have improved and I am more comfortable working in a professional capacity. In addition to bolstering my time management and work planning, my confidence in my abilities has also been boosted by the positive feedback and constructive advice my team has given me. Working alongside professionals has really given me the drive to continue to pursue my career with greater determination. Indeed, Happyer’s primary belief is that a ‘happyer’ job leads to a ‘happyer’ life and I feel that they really walk the talk!

If you are reading this and deciding whether or not to pursue an internship here at Happyer, my advice is to not hesitate. You only get to grow as much as you let yourself, so why not try your hand?

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