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Careers After Corona: What does the world look like after a pandemic?

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Justine Schlossmacher

What the economic environment will look like after the life-changing event that has been the coronavirus is a question that has definitely weighed heavily on everyone’s mind, no matter if you’re a seasoned professional or a university student.

In the hopes to give you some tips on how to navigate this uncertain landscape, two professionals from varying industries came together — Erik Schlie, the Vice President at IE University for Global Alumni, Talent & Careers, and Eric Sim, a professional risk manager, guest lecturer, and banker. Through a Linkedin Livestream, we brought reliable advice right to your computer screens, no matter where you were in the globe!

Did you miss the live stream? Have no fear! Here are the key takeaways and lessons from the live stream summarised for you:

  • Be adaptable

Many industries such as hospitality, tourism, asset management, and aviation are facing downturns as a result of the pandemic. On the flip side, many industries are currently booming. These include technology, education, and credit. Real estate could also be an upcoming industry as people increasingly work from home. This is because it might become a new norm that lasts even after the virus, making it more acceptable for people to live further away from their workplace.

By being adaptable and choosing a different industry right now, you can merge your experience in different fields later on when things stabilize and become more competitive than your peers!

  • Take up part-time jobs

If you’re stuck at home, try taking up part-time jobs that you can do from homes, such as writing VBA code, creating social media content, or editing video! Content creation is something that you can definitely do working from home, and not only can it give you quick cash but it might also lead to a full-time job in the future. You can also develop other careers, as the time for one person, one career is over.

  • Develop a signature skill

This is something that sets you apart from everyone else in the same industry as you. It does not have to be directly related to your field, but it should be something useful! For example, if you’re in sales, try having another skill, for example in programming, which lets you program pricing models for the products you market.

  • Build your personal brand

Combat availability bias by building your personal brand. This helps you stand out in people’s minds by making yourself appear reliable and trustworthy. In addition, this also attracts more opportunities and helps you to build relationships, which in turn helps you make lasting connections and improves your networking performance.

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