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4 Things to Instantly Update Your LinkedIn Profile With

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Vera Chan

Whether you are transitioning between careers or embarking upon a job search, do this. This article outlines top tips to give your LinkedIn profile an uplift. Gain a more professional outlook and reduce the bounce rate of your page. Keep recruiters or hiring managers interested with relevant information. If you show your experience matches up with what they are looking for, it will catch their eye.

1. Choose a Professional Profile Picture

Take a clean-cut headshot. With the advanced cameras these days on our smartphones, you can easily take a proper photo. Ask a friend to take it for you if you are more comfortable. If you have a bit of cash to splash, hire a professional portrait photographer.

What you want to avoid are selfies or group images from a gathering or night out. Don't forcibly crop people or blur them out. Choose a plain background for your shot so that there are no distractions in the background.

Do you have to upload a profile picture? Putting a face to the name makes you more human.

Remember to wear professional work clothes that present you in a professional manner. This will help the viewer picture you in a work setting.

2. Write in the First Person & For the Future

Whatever you do, do not write in the third person. Why? Because it is usually used to tell a story about other people. You want the focus to be on you. Put yourself in the limelight, but be humble at the same time. Like the above, it also adds a human element to your descriptions of your experiences. The reader will feel closer to you and it also sounds more authentic. By saying 'I', you will also be showcasing that you have confidence in your words, which is a good trait to show.

Show that you are ambitious and forever interested in learning. Writing for the future shows that you are looking ahead and not dwelling ahead.

3. Include Relevant Extracurricular Activities

Ensure your activities outside work are examples of your skill sets. This can be a certificate for speed typing for example. You want the viewer to know that your side activities can contribute back to work. Remain professional and leave your personal world records out of your profile. Unless it is a world record for the fastest fundraising for instance that can have a business slant to it.

4. Remove Confidential Information

Be careful about the information that you want to include. If you are showcasing snippets from your portfolio — if you have one — tread carefully. Is there a project in the works that you have signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) for? Have you asked for permission for information to be released? Is the information sensitive to the market or is it IP (intellectual property)? Ask before you post or include. This can range anywhere from an infographic to a press release to a website URL to a presentation.


As one of the front runners in professional tools, it is worth checking in from time to time to update your profile. Periodically comb over it and see if anything looks out of place. Relevance is key to your profile and the experience it includes. You want to build credibility consistently over time.

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