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AlphaSights: Tapping into the world’s collective knowledge

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Wani Azahar

In 2008, the founders of AlphaSights came up with a bold idea to connect the world’s thinking by boosting digital connectivity and acting as the world’s knowledge partner. Their vision was that expert information could be accessed by businesses and clients ‘across all industries and geographies’, and no longer just ‘buried in the minds of individuals’. Since its conception, they have done just that with 9 offices globally and hundreds of employees helping clients obtain useful information for making critical decisions. As most recent graduates will confirm, having access to quality, expert data is vital in driving progress and achieving your goals and who wouldn’t want to work for a company at the forefront of this vision?

While AlphaSights’ founding concept of ‘connecting the world’s top professionals with the world’s best knowledge’ is unique, so is their company culture. For many young professionals having a strong sense of autonomy and responsibility when entering the workforce is a rare privilege and AlphaSights trusts their team members to deliver from the moment they’re on board. Forget being underestimated as an entry level employee, from the get-go employees can expect early ownership and responsibility of projects that allow for constant personal and professional growth. The typical team member at AlphaSights can be described as young, professional, open-minded, results-oriented and eager and these attributes are definitely rewarded.

For those of you who are goal oriented and ready to kickstart your career after graduation, AlphaSights offers a structured 2–2.5 year graduate programme that allows recent graduates the opportunity to integrate into their international, work hard / celebrate hard culture. Once employees have landed a position within the company, a clear career path is ensured e.g. Associate -> Manager -> VP roles are within sight and key motivators for the team. Adding to the company’s flexibility, is their Global Mobility Programme which provides employees with the exciting opportunity to transfer to one of their global offices for 18 months.

When it comes to facilitating employee’s professional development (something we can agree is at the top of every young professional’s checklist), Alphasights has got you covered. Team members are given the opportunity to have a monthly catch-up with the manager to talk about their progress or any concerns. There is also a professional development team to assist employees in being results-driven and making sure they are ticking off their career goals.

AlphaSights team taking part in peak24

Team bonding and interconnectedness is also a big part of working for AlphaSights. This is promoted by monthly team events, Thursday yoga, a company football team, Asia Firm Day, Halloween, Christmas and Summer parties and their social corporate responsibility events (beach cleanups etc). Everyone has the chance to bond in a social setting and get to know their colleagues on a personal level, as well as professionally. This is especially great for those team members who are new to the workforce/recent graduates and want a quick way to feel a part of the family.

When it comes to their social corporate responsibility, AlphaSights is on the ball with their Knowledge for Good Projects (food insecurity, biased hiring processes, lack of clean water etc) and AlphaGreen (Vegan Month). While team members noted some of their highlights working for Alphasights, Asia Firm Day came out as a top choice ( check it out here:, along with their action packed team events like laser tag, Peak tram parties and dialog in the dark. The 2020 awards were also full of achievements like being #16 on the FORTUNE 2020 Best Workplaces in New York list, Great Place to Work US and #9 on UK’s Best Workplaces for Women list, Great Place to Work UK. Clearly, this is a great place to work not only to fast-track your career path but also be a part of a close knit, active team.

So, maybe you’re in your last year at uni or maybe you’re a recent graduate and you would love the opportunity to land a position here…what advice would the team at AlphaSights give you?

Make sure you have an innate curiosity and excitement about the world of business! Remember that AlphaSights provides a platform for motivated and results-driven young professionals who are eager to step foot into the business world. You should aspire to have high levels of extracurricular involvement and be a good communicator. Having a growth mindset will definitely be to your advantage: the ability to develop in your role over time and view setbacks as learning opportunities. The CST role allows you to gain project management skills, client facing skills, negotiation skills (and many more) by connecting top clients with experts.

If you‘re ready to take the plunge and land a dream role in the business industry, take a look at the latest opportunities AlphaSights are recruiting for here!

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