Understanding Coding featuring Denis Cheung

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Vera Chan

Coding is what makes it possible for humans to use computers and smart devices. It involves the process of writing instructions for a computer, application, or software program, otherwise known as computer code, to read. Computer programs run on this code which is why people who write this code are called programmers aka coders. 

You are a Full-Time Instructor and Freelancer. Can You Share Your Passion for Coding and Why You Like to Teach This Subject?

I have a great passion for games! I favour the JRPG genre as I feel rewarded when the character I spent countless hours nurturing can conquer the most difficult levels. The same scenario applies to teaching students to code, as I can help them change their life. In essence, coding is the process of transforming your ideas into computer instructions to make the computer do as you want.

With Several Hundred Programming Languages, Which One Are You The Most Comfortable With & Why?

Programming languages are just like any other language. For example, you can talk to Americans in English with no delays in communication. However, they may need more time to understand Cantonese. It's the same with programming languages as it is just a tool used to communicate with the computer. However, there are differences like the popularity among the community, speed of execution, and ease of use. So there is no best language, just the best language for the situation. As for my most comfortable languages, it would be Javascript and Ruby.

Javascript is a flexible programming language that is fun to work with. It can be applied to both the front-end and back-end, as one of the core technologies of web development. It can be used for web applications, game development, and mobile apps.

Ruby is a general-purpose programming language that is most commonly used for Web Development. It is dynamic, intuitive and flexible, which makes it a favourite of many developers and technology companies.

Having Taught Since 2015, Would You Say You Have a Teaching Style, and If So, What It Would Be?

My teaching style would be pragmatic. I always do my best to figure out how students' think and will help them correct their thought processes. In simpler terms, I will attune myself to match the students. With this approach, I can always ensure a student understands. This process usually utilises drawings and metaphors. My motto for teaching is "if a student does not get a concept, it is not their fault but my fault for not finding the correct method".

Other than Working on Coding, What Do You Like To Do On the Side in Your Spare Time?

I play games and read novels. If there is a new technology that I am interested in, I will also spend my time learning it to stay ahead.

What Career Prospects Are There with Coding Skills?

All jobs will require coding in the future. Most people think of developers when they hear coding. However, many jobs require a form of coding in apps like Excel/Google Sheets. For a Web Developer, the direct career paths you will take are Project Manager or an App Developer. Generally speaking, Web Development is an entry point where you can transition to these other sectors as long as you are willing to learn the new skillset. With that in mind, it also does not have to be a career path. For example, an accountant can use code to manage their excel files to automate tedious tasks.

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