5 Tips to Making the Most of a Digital Marketing Boot Camp

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Vera Chan

Want to be a marketer? Learn how to go into a marketing boot camp prepared in the best way possible. What do you need to gear up for and what tools might you need along the way to help you make the most of the course.



Below are some key tools to consider taking with you and here's why.


Laptop or Tablet

Both are helpful in any class you attend. It depends on whether you are a touchscreen type of person or whether you like bashing out keys. In either case of technology, having a gadget with you that is bigger than a phone screen is handy. First of all, it is rude to be on your phone, even if you are working or writing notes. Second of all, half of marketing is done online. You can research on-the-go and look up case studies along the way. With paper-like feels for using a tablet with a pen, it is now easier than ever to annotate while taking notes.


Pen & Paper

You may be a more traditional person and prefer to use the old method of writing by hand in a notebook. That's perfectly fine too. You can also annotate here and colour code with highlighters or indexes. You can also use post-it notes to help you mindmap. Or if you prefer working digitally, you can also explore digital mindmapping tools.



Other tools you can explore are Google's Jamboard and Evernote. Both help you capture ideas fast in the best way that your mind works. They also sync online, so that if your computer crashes or you want to reference it via a link, you can easily do so. Share it and save your examples from exercises you work on during class, so you can go back to it whenever you need to.


Motivation & Inspiration

Get your head in the game. Think about all things digital marketing before you get to class. This will keep you on your feet and geared to go.


Podcasts & Books

There is some great content out there that can raise your knowledge learnt from a boot camp even more. Interested in a particular topic and would like to dive deeper? Listen to the Marketing School Podcast by Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Together, they cover the most important marketing trends to date. They also cover things to consider. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional. In addition, they can teach you how to execute some marketing activities. You might jump the gun a bit. But that just means you will be extra prepared before class.



A good digital marketing bootcamp will take into account that you will not know all of the lingo. To get ahead of understanding the jargon, visit this alphabetical list from Hubspot. It summarises everything you will just about cover. So that when you head into class, you will not be completely lost.




Learn how not to be set in your ways, especially if you are upskilling. The marketing game is always changing and some tools or methods may be going out of date that you did not know about. Or there is a new or a faster method to get something done more efficiently.


Be Open-Minded

Do not be too much of a know-it-all. You might be surprised to learn about new methods and strategies. Or you might hear about a new app or plug-in that can help you level up. This is also a great time to improve on existing skills or become more familiar with lesser skills. Learn to maximise your experience and captialise on these. You never know. It might just become your next favourite tactic to implement in the near future.


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