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Spreading Success with Statrys

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Wani Azahar

Achievement matters at Hong-Kong based fintech company Statrys; and this goes beyond its solutions to clients but also from within.

Going international for a business is a journey that’s paved with challenges. For instance, compliance, reliability, fee transparency and nationality constraints are some of the obstacles that make applying for a business bank account more difficult. 

While bigger institutions might have the support and resources necessary to go international, it could be a huge hurdle for many SMEs and entrepreneurs. With that need in mind, Statrys is empowering businesses to go beyond borders by changing the game for payment platforms and Forex solutions - starting from within.

With a mission to strive for “achievement”, Statrys prides itself on providing technology-led payment solutions that are backed by excellent customer service. Apart from delivering success for its clients, Statrys also encourages its employees to reach higher when it comes to personal achievements.

Achievement for All

Statrys cultivates an open and flexible environment through regular staff meetings, giving autonomy and ownership of projects, and ensuring a diverse team with multiple expertise, passion and nationalities. 

“The most rewarding achievement (internally) is when we see our team members satisfied with where they are. Employees are the company's first promoters - if they’re happy with the working environment, it’s easy for them to manifest it by referring to new talents that they know, or spreading positive vibes about the company. I’m happy to say that’s our case,” said Pankaj Verma, CTO at Statrys. 

The Statrys DNA

Driving such a diverse team forward, CTO Pankaj Verma firmly believes in leading with democracy and support. Speaking more of his leadership style, he shared: “I want people to grow so they can take it ahead. While we can provide the necessary (tech) information, coaching helps to build their confidence in taking initiatives and ownership.”

“Not only that, democracy is key when it comes to leading such a diverse team. I like to bring them to the front. I like to ask for my team’s opinion and feedback,” he added. 

Other than supporting its employees with information and tools needed for success, Statrys adopts a culture that promotes work-life balance. To encourage employees to explore passions beyond their day jobs, Statrys allows staff to work from home a couple of days per month. 

The Year Ahead

The banking industry has greatly evolved with the digital era, and as a game-changer in the fintech industry in Hong Kong, Statrys is always seeking to evolve its services too. With new financial offerings such as the launch of the Statrys’ debit card, integration with an online accounting system and trade finance, it’s looking to expand its business development and IT teams.

When asked what’s important in a candidate, Pankaj highlighted the key ability to multitask and take responsibility is vital in the startup environment. 

“Not only that, having similar values (flexibility, autonomy, transparency, trustworthy and fun) would be a great advantage. At the end of the day, I believe that it is important to acknowledge when your team is improving and spread the word. This is something we all could do more of to spread achievement,” he concluded.

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