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Live Happyer: Mental Wellbeing at Happyer

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Natalie Lee

Happyer is a community that fosters the development of not only people’s careers, but also their minds. We acknowledge that one’s mentality is the foundation behind everything they do. From a business standpoint, protecting the mental wellbeing of employees ensures optimum performance and sustained productivity.

A common issue in the workplace is people not feeling comfortable in expressing their concerns or difficulties. At Happyer, we tackle that by creating a sense of safety and lack of judgement. When asked about how willing one felt in raising their concerns, there was a general consensus that there was no hesitation in doing so. We understand that everyone has their personal struggles to tackle, and only when these issues are properly addressed within an atmosphere of nurturance and care, can the whole team prosper. One concrete way in which we allow everyone to express themselves is holding daily team meetings.

Happyer has implemented routine check-ins with our employees to monitor their progress, discuss areas of concern, but most importantly to provide a space for open communication about anything. This is what a member of our team had to say —

“The team has an open communication policy where we have weekly catchups to keep everyone up to date. If anyone has too much on their plate, they will be given an extension or will receive support from other team members.”

When an intern expresses a difficulty in handling their workload, they are encouraged to communicate to others, work with others or to delegate their tasks. If someone is unable to meet their weekly tasks, their supervisors will find solution-based strategies to help guide them through their tasks. This alleviates pressure on everyone, which motivates them to continue making quality contributions.

However, the mental wellbeing of people cannot be solely based upon their workplace. At Happyer, a task- based working style is employed. This means that as long as one’s assigned work is completed to the required standard, the manner in which they manage their time is up to them. This allows for everyone to have sufficient time each day to implement self care practices in accordance to their personal preferences. Essentially, everyone’s work is adapted to their personal schedules, creating space for self care. People’s mental wellbeing is also improved through prioritising a positive team culture.

Oftentimes, the stress of work can negatively impact team culture, which eventually becomes toxic. Happyer prides itself on fostering and maintaining a positive positive team culture. As said by one of our fellow interns —

“My mental state while working at Happyer is that of joy. Being able to work alongside fun and inspirational people always makes waking up and going into the office a less arduous task.”

A key method in creating such team culture is consistently having opportunities for the team to bond. Happyer has team lunches everyday, because we believe that it is crucial for a team to spend time outside of work, to build connections with each other. These connections in turn create the basis of a healthy and motivating working environment. In addition to team lunches, Happyer also implements weekly team drinks on Fridays, and monthly team outings or team building activities. We do this because we recognise the importance of letting loose and having fun after a strenuous workweek! Another integral aspect that contributes to Happyer’s team culture is the emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.

“The ability to walk into an office knowing that you and your fellow colleagues are accepted and celebrated for who you are has made working so much more enjoyable”

We celebrate individuality, and appreciate how everyone’s unique background brings something special to the team.

With that said, Happyer is not perfect. We understand that new strategies can always be implemented to enhance team culture and as a result, everyone’s mental wellbeing. To ensure consistent improvement, Happyer works tirelessly to preserve open communication between everyone, and to foster an atmosphere of growth and development.

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