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8 Phone Interview Thank You Email Tips (With Sample)

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Vera Chan

You may wonder why some hiring managers ask for phone interviews. It is part and parcel of the interview process that determines which candidates stay and go. This process helps employers decide who gets to the next round and is usually the first in a series.


The phone interview is also known as the phone screen. In short, it is to help recruiters ensure you meet the basic requirements as a candidate. With so many applicants, an employer needs to know that you tick the right boxes when they're vetting.


When the phone interview is over, it is good manners to send a thank you email. It goes a long way to ensure that you stay top of mind as a competing candidate. It also shows that you can be professional and courteous.


To communicate clearly and effectively, we have a few top tips to help you write your thank-you email.


1. Address the Hiring Manager

Send the email to the interviewer directly where possible. Address the hiring manager in the subject line with "Attn".


2. Use Your Personal Email Address

Be sure you send your email from the same address that is on your resume. This should also be the same email address as the one you used for the job application.


3. Use a Short Subject Line

Be succinct and to the point. Make it specific to the job you just interviewed for.


4. Mention the Interview Date & Time

Reference when you had your interview so they remember you. As they may have had several interviews with multiple candidates throughout the day.


5. Write Concisely

Write in short and easy-to-read paragraphs, so that the email is easily absorbed and communicated. This is also so that if the reader scans, they can quickly assimilate the content.


6. Highlight Your Strengths

Mention your abilities and experience that are most relevant to the job role as a reminder. You want to stay top of mind. You can also mention any afterthoughts that will boost your candidacy in their eyes.


7. Use Proper Greetings

Greet and sign-off correctly. Use the correct pairings when addressing and closing off the email. See here.


8. Close Professionally

Sign-off with your full name, job title (if any currently), your contact number, and your LinkedIn. For your LI profile, don't forget to include your URL.


Sample Thank You Email


Dear [Hiring Manager's Name],


Thank you for taking the time to consider my candidacy today. It was a pleasure to meet you this morning during our interview at [company name]'s office.


I learned a great deal about the position and look forward to continuing to learn more about the role. As discussed, I am incredibly fascinated by [xxx] and feel that my background in [xxx] and experience in [xxx] can help [company's name] thrive. To help [company name] grow, I believe I can contribute to the team by adding [name your skills].


I would be grateful to attend a follow-up interview or meet the team to expand on this opportunity.


Yours Sincerely,

[Full Name]

[Existing Job Title]

[Phone Number]

[Hyperlinked LinkedIn Profile]


Bottom Line

All in all, emails are acceptable for most employers. With snail mail being received a few days too late, it is best to be prompt with your thank you message. Stay fresh on the recruiter's mind at the end of their day or the start of their next day. Why? Because they may have another round of interviews.


If you are job searching but haven't yet been invited for an interview or phone interview. Here's how you can ask for one.

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