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The 10 Most In-demand Jobs Across the Globe in 2022 and Beyond

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Mikaela Thompson

It’s useful to keep up with which jobs are currently the most sought after or flagged as ones which will be in high demand in the future. Whether you’re wanting to justify embarking on a new career / learning journey, or a professional wanting to know which direction to take your present career, or perhaps just wanting to be up to date with how much your work skills are worth to employers now in 2022 as well as into the future. Well, here’s a helping hand.

Best jobs now:

The following are the top jobs to be in from 2022 onwards.

1) Market research analysts – this is because companies depend on big data crunches to make daily decisions. They need this information to know their customers’ needs, stay ahead of their competitors and remain relevant in their industry.

2) Counsellors and therapists – perhaps aided by the widely experienced Covid-related malaise, past stigmas attached to getting mental health support have fallen away. More people are willing to discuss their mental health including public figures, so it has become more acceptable to seek help thereby stoking the need for professionals in the field.

3) Scientific researchers – this is booming and will continue to do so exponentially, particularly in the technology sector as the demand for high tech gadgets increases, as well as in the medical field with increased pressure to find life-saving devices.

4) Computer systems analysts – for businesses to stay in the picture, it’s crucial they adopt the latest technologies to meet consumers’ expectations and needs. To this end, computer systems analysts make sure of the seamless integration of hardware, software and networks.

5) Veterinarians – pets greatly increased in demand over the pandemic. Pet ownership gained momentum as people suddenly had much more time at home to spend with pets that reciprocated with the comfort needed during this testing time. Many owners now see their pets as a part of the family. Therefore, vets are also in high demand as an important part of keeping our pets healthy.

6) Environmental scientists and specialists – the urgency to do better with limiting the damage we’re doing to the planet has seen many governments introducing new standards that companies must comply with. Environmental scientists will play an integral part in steering businesses in the right direction to meet these new standards.

7) Accountants and auditors – finances are a major part of any business, especially in terms of meeting regulations. Financial experts are central to this. No need to say more.

8) Entrepreneurs – the demand for products and services to improve efficiency and life quality will always be high.

9) Registered nurses – aging populations require increased health care making nurses essential now and in the immediate future, especially to care for the baby boomer generation. Added to this, is their essential service caring for patients suffering the effects of virus variants that are still plaguing us globally.

10) General and operations managers – as long as businesses exist, managers are needed to increase efficiency and cut costs etc., and such roles are here for the long haul.


To keep yourself relevant and a viable candidate in today’s job market, identify which skills you need to fill the gaps in your resume and then look for the best online/offline courses to update your skills of which there are many. A good online starting point is H Academy. Don’t rely alone on your present employer to sponsor courses – they may not be open to it or you may be wanting to upskill to make a career change without tipping them off right now.

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