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Your Pathway to a Tech Career at an Investment Bank

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Are you a recent graduate that wants to start your tech career at an investment bank? You're not alone. In fact, technology graduate programs at investment banks are extremely competitive. The good news is mthree’s Alumni Graduate Programme offers a different path into the top banks. 

Designed to bring STEM graduates into top-notch companies, mthree bridges the gap between students and the needs in the market. Our graduates contribute to some of the world's largest investment banks. 

We also believe in fairness from the start. Unlike our competitors, we don’t lock graduates in with training bonds or unfair contracts. Instead, we match graduates to the right opportunities and prepare them to succeed through industry-aligned training and support. Zero fees are charged to graduates to enter and apply.

How It Works

mthree helps newly qualified graduates, like you, upskill through special training programs. Then we integrate smart graduates into outstanding companies.

As an mthree Alumni, you’ll go through an immersive 4-8-week programme that provides you with technical skills and professional training. mthree will then hire you to work for one of their investment bank clients for a 24-month paid placement. 

Throughout your placement, you’re employed and supported by mthree. We provide pastoral care to make your integration into the company seamless. Bi-annual appraisals help you check-in and succeed through constructive feedback. From the start, fair pay is involved, with the potential for salary increases every 6 months. We also offer you a flexible benefits package to support your health and wellbeing.

Who Can Apply

Applications are open to all recent STEM graduates — not only those from elite universities or those with computer science degrees. We make it possible for companies to retain you as their talent after the 2-year placement, offering you the chance to start your career and a role at a leading company. 

As we help to match the right talent with the right company, 90% of Alumni convert to full-time employees or progress to ‘Alumni Pro’ at the end of the programme. Alumni Pro is for industry professionals with 2 years experience or more. 

mthree makes sure you can grow together at the right pace with the right people, creating a diverse community with over 30 nationalities working together globally. 35% of Alumni graduates are also female. So if you’re a recent STEM graduate that has the right to work in Hong Kong or Singapore, take a look at our latest job openings

To find out more about the Alumni Graduate course click here.

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