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OnTheList Hong Kong: Where luxury meets sustainability

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Mikaela Thompson

If you’ve got a knack for nabbing luxury at discounted prices, then chances are you’re familiar with startup company OnTheList and their pioneering approach to luxury fashion. If not, get ready to be inspired! They aren’t just a retail company, they are a platform providing a sustainable approach to investing in premium goods.

OnTheList is grateful to be a pioneering concept that was founded by fashion lovers Delphine Lefay and Diego Dultzin Lacoste in Hong Kong in 2016 with the purpose of ‘offering the best shopping experience for everyone’. Not only that, but members-only flash sales allow members exclusive access to luxury brands at discounted prices, both instore and online. Forget wasting money on fast fashion of shifty origins. OnTheList allows you to invest in quality items for a fraction of their original prices while remaining fashionably eco-conscious. The success of this concept has led to OnTheList expanding to the shores of Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei over the last couple of years.

Turning Old Inventory into Opportunity

OnTheList has taken an innovative approach to fashion working directly with over 300 brands or their official distributors such as Kenzo, Jimmy Choo, Shiseido, Armani and Moleskin to name a few. These brands and partners trust OnTheList to optimise their stock without damaging their image. Sustainability is also at the core of their values as they allow brands to sell last-season merchandise to OnTheList members by ‘turning old inventory into opportunity’ and providing luxury items at accessible prices. Your dream threads don’t need to remain in your wishlist any longer as members are conveniently offered exclusive invitations to OnTheList’s permanent showrooms, pop-up stores or online stores. Their customer-focused approach ultimately gives members an enhanced omni-channel shopping experience providing great deals from premium brands. Contributing to the success of this concept is the team spirit at OnTheList which ‘is primordial in making each event successful’. The company’s relaxed vibe and employee diversity allows the team to constantly challenge themselves and use their varied skill set to make sure they are providing members with the best, sustainability-conscious deals in town.

Working with a Sense of Purpose

As a startup, OnTheList believes it is part of their DNA to ‘identify and take new opportunities’ and to ‘challenge the norm’ thanks to their flexibility. Working at OnTheList gives employees the opportunity to work with their co-founders in person and contribute to the company’s future in an inclusive way (all opinions and ideas are valued!). The flat organisational structure means that employees feel comfortable offering up new ideas, being challenged and trusting their ideas will be successfully followed through by the team. Ordinarily, this is something that is usually not so easily accomplished in a corporate environment, making OnTheList’s working culture uniquely flexible.

Vibrant Core Values

When looking to hire talent for their team, OnTheList prioritise candidates who have a ‘startup mindset’ and ‘can do attitude’ that falls in line with their vibrant core values. As one of the fastest growing startups in Hong Kong, employees are immersed in a young, multicultural and passionate working culture where they are genuinely cared for. There’s always a possibility to grow within ‘your scope/team’ and make your brilliant ideas come to fruition in this fast-paced, exciting environment. OnTheList promises responsibilities will be given from day one providing team members with a steep learning curve and plenty of room for professional development. Adding to this, is the satisfaction employees have knowing they are working for a company that gives back to the community supporting local charities such as HandsOn Hong Kong.

Despite the pandemic, OnTheList are thrilled to announce their fourth year in operation is going strong! Weekly flash sales will continue to pop up in showrooms in Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei and Hong Kong and the company is excited to bring in more on trend brands for its members this year.

Does OnTheList sound like the right fit for you too? If so, check out their latest opportunities to see how you could become a part of this cool team!

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