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8 Enticing Hong Kong Work Perks

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Mikaela Thompson

Keen to land some solid work perks? Check out these benchmarks...

There’s definitely more to a job than just a pay packet. Especially these days, where savvy employees expect to be offered some enticing perks as well. In fact, it’s often the promise of excellent benefits that will tip the scales for applicants deciding on a job offer. Others already in employment, often prefer to take better welfare benefits rather than a raise during contract negotiations. Companies across the globe have twigged onto this fact creating some pretty tempting and often unusual perks for their job applicants to consider and current employees to snag. Knowing what companies out there are offering, will help you negotiate the best deal for yourself.

So, what’s being offered by our local businesses? Here’s some examples of Hong Kong employers’ less common perks:

1) The Watson Group: The physical and mental health of their employees is a primary concern, so its perks are related to this e.g., if you’re suffering from unpleasant tummy contortions from something you ate at lunch, they have an employee clinic at their Charcoal Office to help; there’s a fitness room, and lunch break fitness classes to keep you in good shape; for new mums, there’s even a lactation room in the office providing some privacy.

2) Asia Miles: Through its association with Cathay Pacific, their employees can buy air tickets at discounted prices. This appeals to their many young employees who like the fancy-free gypsy like ability to roam on a whim, such as taking short trips over weekends.

3) Miro: This sports-focused company’s perks include free running shoes annually for its employees to encourage them to exercise and keep in good health; and unlimited vacations. Since the company is results-oriented, it lets its employees decide how many holidays to take and what their working hours will be. 

4) Towngas: Typically, office workers endure 8-hour days stuck at a desk in front of a screen. Added to that, it’s very easy for such workers to reach out for sugar-laden quick fixes and fat-saturated lunch foods, to relieve the inevitable energy slump. Recognizing the adverse effects of this sedentary lifestyle and bad diet habits, this business regularly invites dieticians to share health information with their employees. This is coupled with motivating workers to use their free sports equipment at headquarter sites – saving them money too on well-intentioned gym memberships.

5) HK Broadband: Its employees are offered shorter working hours than most at 9 to 5, as well as one half-day Friday each month; alternative arrangements are made to compensate for public holidays occurring on such half days off. In all, this company provides 10 more days a year off than most, including, one day family care leave, one day induction anniversary leave, and two days of volunteer leave.

6) Foodpanda: This company provides free lunches and staff deals for its foodie workers. They host meals and socialize monthly, providing free food.

7) idNerdStudio: Since this company provides innovative solutions for the casino and gaming industries, its not so surprising that it offers its employees flexible working/gaming hours. They can enjoy the firm’s football machines, video game consoles etc., to combat the fatigue experienced working from a desk for long hours – a situation this business wants to avoid for better efficiency and productivity. 

8) The Gap: This clothing company shows it cares for the well-being of its workers by offering them support with stress reduction, mindfulness, family planning, career coaching, work-life balance, addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, sleep health, and much more! All employees have access to a benefits concierge service, free short-term counselling, and a wide range of free and confidential mental health tools and resources. It also provides an array of other benefits to meet employees' needs—from a generous Paid Time Off policy to tuition reimbursement to employee stock purchase options.  

Great vaccine work perks to come out of the pandemic:

With the current pandemic causing havoc with businesses and work situations globally, it’s not surprising to find a new trend in companies offering perks related to this.

In Hong Kong, businesses have been incentivising COVID-19 vaccinations to encourage vaccine-hesitant employees. So far only about 21% of the population has been vaccinated while herd immunity requires 70%. Some companies currently supporting the government’s vaccine measures through perks for employees are:

1) Swire Group: Vaccinated employees at this company can get various vaccine freebies, from HK$2,000 shopping coupons to travel perk lucky draws.

2) Sun Hung Kai Properties: announced on 4 June that all vaccinated employees are entitled to a HK$10 million lucky draw every day, as well as inoculated Hongkongers. The lucky ones could receive: a Free iPhone 12, hotel staycation packages, shopping vouchers, catering coupons etc.

3) Hang Lung Properties: Up to HK$4,000 e-shopping coupons for inoculated Hang Lung employees, in addition to two days of paid vaccination leave.  If the vaccination rate among its Hong Kong staff reaches 70% by October 31, 2021, every fully vaccinated and eligible Hong Kong employee, including outsourced staff, will receive an extra HK$3,000 e-shopping coupons.

4) CLP Power:  Some of the perks granted to their employees are a HK$200 donation to charities for each Hong Kong-based employee and their family members who get vaccinated; employees who complete two doses of vaccination will be offered time-off and hotel dining coupons.

5) HSBC: In support of the government’s vaccination leave measure, HSBC is introducing two days of vaccination leave for HSBC employees in Hong Kong.

6) Ocean Park: the amusement park's full-time staff now enjoy a total of two days of paid leave for completing the full COVID-19 vaccination course, while part-time staffers receive two days of wage payments in lieu.

7) Airport Authority Hong Kong: is offering 11,000 air tickets via a lucky draw for 'lucky' vaccinated employees.

A number of other companies in HK are also offering time off during work hours for employees to get vaccinated e.g., Hospital and Housing Authorities, Sino Group, Travel Industry Authority, Cyberport etc. 

Key Takeout:

Don’t rely on a remuneration package alone for your next job. Negotiate some great work perks too. Plenty are on offer now.

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