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Mikaela Thompson

1) Why did you want to take a UX design course in HK? What got you interested?

I think the modern economy is being driven by tech and I, who was coming from a conventional background, could see that I might not be a good fit for the future economy - especially considering the language barrier. I believed taking a tech course would give me an edge after my graduation during my job hunt process.

Why specifically UX?  I think I was intrigued by the UX concept in general and was curious to learn more about it. I was more interested in UX over Data because I wanted to make a more natural transition.

2) What made you choose H Academy over other boot camps/courses in HK? Could you list down the key traits you were looking for in an ideal academy?

I chose H Academy for:

  1. The instructor - Michael is a UX legend. His background and experience were something that gave me confidence that this course would make it easier for me to navigate through the job-hunting process later.
  2. The community - H academy curates its courses so that along the way of learning, you end up knitting a beautiful community around you. This community becomes your support system and some of them might also become your friends for life. As well, Julio is super helpful. He was personally invested in each one of us and helped in every way to get us our dream jobs.
  3. Real-life case study - I was going to get to work on a real-life case study with HK’s leading start up.
  4. The complete package - H academy has the best career counsellor on hand to get you all the help you need to find the job that you dream of.

3) What is your best memory from the course? What was your key learning?

I guess the final presentation day - It was intense but fun. Having all sponsors sitting there viewing your presentation and grilling you with questions was memorable. Also, it was a chance to network with some of the great minds in HK.

4) What is your feedback on Michael? The real-world projects?

Michael is a legend. He is very helpful, compassionate, and empathetic. He helps you find your own unique journey. He has a very open mind, and he loves feedback. He brings his best to the class every day. He puts his heart into what he does and that makes every class amazing.

5) How has this course helped you? How are you applying the learning into what you do now?

This course has been instrumental in my successful pivot from a traditional marketing job to becoming a Product Manager. It helped me connect with industry experts. It was my first experience with UX. This course also gave me a strong community in the shape of Gen H.

For my day-to-day role, majorly I have learned to embrace ambiguity, constantly iterate, and keep working on myself and my product because everything at the end is a prototype.


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