<![CDATA[Sales Manager, Hong Kong]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Support Associate (Telesales) - Hong Kong]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Business Development Manager (Vertical)]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Business Development Manager/Business Development Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Director]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Associate Specialist - Hong Kong]]>
<![CDATA[Hong Kong Marketing Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Category Associate Specialist - Hong Kong]]>
<![CDATA[Business Development Manager (Merchant Services)]]>
<![CDATA[Workforce Planning Analyst (Real Time)]]>
<![CDATA[Rider Engagement & Marketing Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Real Estate Manager, HK]]>
<![CDATA[Recruitment Coordinator]]>
<![CDATA[Partner Service Associate]]>
<![CDATA[Lead Recruiter]]>
<![CDATA[Atlassian Expert]]>
<![CDATA[System Analyst]]>
<![CDATA[Machine Learning Software Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Key Account Manager, Grocery]]>
<![CDATA[Key Account Manager, Core Business]]>
<![CDATA[Junior Recruiter]]>
<![CDATA[Head of Inbound Logistics, Deliveroo Hop HK]]>
<![CDATA[Head of Deliveroo Hop, HK]]>
<![CDATA[Office Infrastructure Engineer/Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Account Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Account Manager - Grocery]]>
<![CDATA[Account Success Associate - On Demand Grocery]]>
<![CDATA[Associate Marketing Manager, Restaurant/ ODG Marketing]]>
<![CDATA[Business Development Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Business Development Manager - Grocery]]>
<![CDATA[Catering Operations Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Commercial Partnerships Manager - Asia]]>
<![CDATA[Full-stack Software Engineer ]]>
<![CDATA[Frontend Software Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Intern - Sales]]>
<![CDATA[Head of Marketing and Development]]>
<![CDATA[Quantitative Product Owner - Hong Kong]]>
<![CDATA[UI/UX Designer]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Product Designer (Consumer Tech), APAC]]>
<![CDATA[Senior QA Engineer, APAC]]>
<![CDATA[Senior UX Researcher (New Business), APAC]]>
<![CDATA[Senior/ Marketing Manager - Partnerships]]>
<![CDATA[Store Manager店舖經理 /Assistant Store Manager 助理店舖經理]]>
<![CDATA[Strategic Account Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Strategic Account Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Junior Software Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Machine Learning Software Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[E-commerce Administrator - Food Industry (Kwai Chung)]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing & Communications Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Content Specialist]]>
<![CDATA[Business Analyst]]>
<![CDATA[Backend Software Developer BOXS]]>
<![CDATA[Java Developer - Ordering]]>
<![CDATA[ Business Development Consultant (e- commerce)]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Product Manager]]>
<![CDATA[(Sr.) Software Engineer (Frontend/Backend/Fullstack)]]>
<![CDATA[Product Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Manager, Hong Kong]]>
<![CDATA[(Senior) Software Engineer (Fullstack)]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Operations & Development Manager - Cloud Kitchen]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Operations Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Customer Service Representative]]>
<![CDATA[Onboarding Lead]]>
<![CDATA[DevOps Engineer ]]>
<![CDATA[Product Design Manager, APAC]]>
<![CDATA[Documentation Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Project Manager - Taiwan]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Accountant]]>
<![CDATA[Associate HRBP Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Key Account Executive - pandamall]]>
<![CDATA[Junior Consultant in Data Engineering (full-time)]]>
<![CDATA[Internship in Strategy & Data Science (full-time internship)]]>
<![CDATA[Junior Consultant in Strategy & Data Science (full-time)]]>
<![CDATA[Area Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Corporate Customer Service Executive (Part time)]]>
<![CDATA[Assistant Accountant]]>
<![CDATA[Associate Public Affairs Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Associate Public Affairs Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Compliance Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Content Quality Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Product Marketing Internship]]>
<![CDATA[Data Analyst - Logistics and Operations]]>
<![CDATA[Finance Manager (New Vertical) - Team Lead]]>
<![CDATA[Growth Marketing Intern (Full time / Part time)]]>
<![CDATA[Head of Corporate (foodpanda for Business)]]>
<![CDATA[Head of Supply Chain]]>
<![CDATA[Junior Photo Retoucher APAC]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Executive - Campaign (Food Vertical)]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Executive - Campaign (New Vertical)]]>
<![CDATA[Mobile App Product Specialist]]>
<![CDATA[Office Coordinator (Part time)]]>
<![CDATA[Office Receptionist]]>
<![CDATA[Operations Executive - Logistics]]>
<![CDATA[Operations Project Senior Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Procurement Coordinator (Part Time)]]>
<![CDATA[Product Analytics Manager, APAC]]>
<![CDATA[Quality Assurance Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Account Executive - Dine In]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Executive - pandamerchant]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Manager - Commercial]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Manager - Kitchens & Concepts]]>
<![CDATA[Program Designer/Lecturer (9-month contract)]]>
<![CDATA[Program Coordinator (9-month part-time contract)]]>
<![CDATA[Lecturer (9-month contract)]]>
<![CDATA[Citigold Relationship Manager]]>
<![CDATA[GCB - CPC (Citigold Private Client) Banker]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Marketing Designer]]>
<![CDATA[Digital Project Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Training and Development Intern]]>
<![CDATA[Administrator - Food Industry]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Business Development Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Senior CX and Digital Strategist]]>
<![CDATA[Head of Strategic Partnerships - APAC]]>
<![CDATA[Project Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Brand Business Analyst]]>
<![CDATA[Content Specialist]]>
<![CDATA[UX Copywriter (Bilingual)]]>
<![CDATA[Technical Project Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing and Promotions Specialist]]>
<![CDATA[Product Content Editor]]>
<![CDATA[Product Marketing Specialist]]>
<![CDATA[Rewards Operations Officer]]>
<![CDATA[Content Specialist]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Manager/ Manager - Business Analytics]]>
<![CDATA[2022 Hong Kong Graduate Program - Staff Accountant/Staff Associate]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Product Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Senior System Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Technical Lead, Platform]]>
<![CDATA[Assistant Operations Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Customer Success Lead]]>
<![CDATA[SEO Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Business Development Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Back End Developer]]>
<![CDATA[Growth Marketing Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Software Developer (Full-stack) - FinTech]]>
<![CDATA[Junior Software Developer (React.js)]]>
<![CDATA[Product Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Investment Manager ]]>
<![CDATA[Software Developer (Flutter)]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Manager/ Marketing Executives]]>
<![CDATA[Software Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Web Frontend Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Web Frontend Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Software Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[UI/UX Graphic Designer]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Relationship Manager Trainee (Non-banking Welcomed)]]>
<![CDATA[Senior UI Designer]]>
<![CDATA[APAC Resource Manager]]>
<![CDATA[B2B Marketing Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Business Analyst]]>
<![CDATA[Flutter Developer]]>
<![CDATA[Assistant UIX Designer]]>
<![CDATA[Operations Officer]]>
<![CDATA[Mobile App Developer]]>
<![CDATA[Full-Stack Web Developer]]>
<![CDATA[Backend Developer]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Officer]]>
<![CDATA[Business Developer]]>
<![CDATA[Assistant Product Manager]]>
<![CDATA[2022 Graduate Trainee (2-year programme)]]>
<![CDATA[2022 Summer Internship Programme]]>
<![CDATA[Ecommerce Operations Intern]]>
<![CDATA[Consumer Products Intern`]]>
<![CDATA[Content Design Intern]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Intern (Full Time Preferred)]]>
<![CDATA[Partnerships Intern]]>
<![CDATA[Head of Consumer Products - Hong Kong & Taiwan]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing Manager (KOL / Partnerships)]]>
<![CDATA[SEO & CRM Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Logistics & Operations Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Packaging & Logistics Assistant (Part Time / Full Time)]]>
<![CDATA[Business Development Manager (Dental)]]>
<![CDATA[Head of Dental Partnerships]]>
<![CDATA[Customer Success Executive (Sales)]]>
<![CDATA[Communications Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Sales Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Senior / Marketing Manager - Grocery]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Account Management Executive - pandamerchant]]>
<![CDATA[Operations Executive (Fleet Management)]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Operations Analyst (Shops)]]>
<![CDATA[Senior Operations Project Executive - Shops]]>
<![CDATA[Strategic Account Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Citiphone Officer ]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing and Social Media Coordinator (part-time)]]>
<![CDATA[Private Client Coverage - Client Account Analyst]]>
<![CDATA[GCB - CPC (Citigold Private Client) Banker]]>
<![CDATA[Private Client Coverage - Associate Banker - China Team, Hong Kong]]>
<![CDATA[Associate Banker - HNW Team, Hong Kong]]>
<![CDATA[Business Development Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Software Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[Marketing and Advertising Consultant (Advertising Sales)]]>
<![CDATA[HR Business Partner (Tech BU)]]>
<![CDATA[Administrative Officer]]>
<![CDATA[Sales Operations Executive]]>
<![CDATA[Risk Officer]]>
<![CDATA[Logistics Account Manager]]>
<![CDATA[Software Engineer (Fresh Grads Welcome)]]>
<![CDATA[IT Analyst]]>
<![CDATA[Software Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[HR Specialist]]>
<![CDATA[Data Engineer]]>
<![CDATA[China Finance Research Analyst]]>
<![CDATA[Computer Vision Engineer]]>
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