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June 24, 2020

WILD: A team driven by the spirit of growth

Embodying the ‘spirit of growth’ is the mindset behind Wild’s success as a global leading enterprise in the digital field.

Embodying the ‘spirit of growth’ is the mindset behind Wild’s success as a global leading enterprise in the digital field. Based in Hong Kong with Managing Director Cassandre Daigre who has been part of the team from the outset, Wild was founded in 2014 by two french entrepreneurs — Vivian Meriguet and Lug Giroud. The agency has expanded to include offices in Singapore, Luxembourg, Geneva and Paris. The company prides itself on their 6 core values: value over profit, ideas over ego, we are empathetic, we are data driven, we are transparent and we are wild!

If you work for Wild, you know that you are a part of a family that supports you to: be authentic, learn, improve and add value. Below, we meet two members of this ‘dream team’, Michaela Gallardo and Shemariah Guevara who help to provide us with a snapshot of their journey within the Wild family.

Attracting Like-Minded Talents

Michaela Gallardo was initially drawn to the international team at Wild when applying for her position as a Content and Social Media Specialist. Not only that, but it was a chance for her to enter an industry she hadn’t worked in before while still being able to use the skill set she already had acquired before this position. Michaela found she was attracted to Wild’s values of ‘connection and a balance of work and having fun together as a team’. She enjoys working in an office environment where team members aren’t afraid to be silly with each other but at the same time work hard and collectively focus on producing quality results.

A highlight for Michaela whilst working with Wild, is that she is immersed in a culture of learning. She believes, ‘there’s always an openness to letting you try new things or take on new projects’. This falls in line with the company’s culture code of, ‘attracting people who share the same beliefs and have the same passion for growth in every aspect’. Of course, being part of a new industry meant going through a learning curve too and expanding her horizons. She learnt a lot on the job, as well as how to communicate more effectively and had to push herself out of her shell to, ‘speak up and ask questions’.

A recent addition to the Wild team, Shemariah Guevara, is a Digital Account Executive who was attracted to the company in similar ways as Michaela. Ultimately, he believes it was the ‘amount of opportunities I was provided with to expand on my set of existing skills and to keep learning new things about the industry that we are operating in’ which sealed the deal for him. Shemariah has found that being a part of a smaller team means there is ‘an office-wide sense of comradery and support’ that doesn’t feature much in larger companies. It’s a unique environment working for Wild where he finds they are a team that enjoys working together just as much as they enjoy hanging out and having fun.

A Unique Culture Code

The Wild team proudly stand by the fact their ‘culture code is the spirit that drives us every morning before going to work’. Their culture code has three dimensions of growth: that of their company, customers and team. They believe this supports them in finding the best talent, creating the best team spirit and building alongside clients’ stories of which they are proud. It is through this culture code that Wild has successfully created tailor-made solutions for the client’s specific needs.

Michaela believes the working culture at Wild is, ‘all about proactiveness and independence’ and that employees are given a chance to figure things out on their own. On the flip side there’s still that collective support available to her, as she adds it’s, ‘a safe place to ask questions’ and management, ‘trust you to finish your tasks and speak up when you need help’. Shemariah reinforces this concept saying, ‘there is definitely a culture of independence and self-improvement here’ as team members are given the freedom to learn and take on tasks but also ask for a helping hand when needed.

Being constantly valued is something Shemariah greatly appreciates at Wild. He says that ‘good work is always valued no matter what your role or function might be or the scale of your task’. He finds that the company culture is extremely motivating in terms of valuing collective success over individual achievement adding, ‘ironically seeing collective success pushes me to want to keep improving myself as an individual’. Initially, he found the idea of ‘wearing many hats’ while working at Wild daunting. However, it has actually played to his advantage and he’s picking up plenty of skills and knowledge everyday as he works outside his comfort zone.

Growing together as a team

‘Change is the only constant’ is the philosophy that helps Wild keep on growing. This has allowed them to successfully work with high profile companies such as Givenchy, Greenpeace, AXA, Peninsula and Marriott to name a few. As a consequence, Wild’s clients have been featured on global outlets such as: BBC, Forbes, Time and Le Monde.

The thought of encountering fun, inspiration, new products and brands is what gets Michaela excited about her future with Wild and how she can help to share these with the world. She knows her voice is heard and she will grow with the company as a family. While for Shemariah, he’s excited to, ‘see how the team will expand and the talent that we will draw in as we keep getting better at what we do’.

For those of you wondering how you could become part of the Wild team, Michaela suggests ‘be ready to think on your feet’ and ‘think critically and creatively’ with Shemariah adding ‘expect to be thrown out of your comfort zone and find yourself in foreign situations, but remain confident in your ability and never hesitate to ask for help when you need it’.

If the values and experiences of the Wild family resonate with you, have a look through their latest openings on the Happyer job platform!

Written by
Mikaela Thompson

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